I’ve been very fortunate to attend lectures by some of the big hitters in perio over the years, and so I’m ashamed to admit, I wondered what I could learn from Deepaks Perio Masterclass. But as a colleague had told me to look out for any courses run by PeriowithDeepak, I decided to book. And I’m so glad I did.
He is a gifted speaker, who is uniquely placed to not only pass on his extensive and up to date knowledge, but is also someone doing the same job you are, and so knows your difficulties, barriers and frustrations. Any questions you have, he has probably already made sure he has covered in this 3 day event.
There is no ‘dumbing down’ with Deepak, hence he asks you to read the papers he sends before the course.
But he is a brilliant communicator, engaging, enthusiastic and passionate, with no arrogance or ego attached.
I absolutely loved it (not something you usually say on a perio course)
Don’t second guess, just book it! It’s worth every penny!