Perio with Deepak (PwD) is all about providing the best periodontal care to our patients and learning as well as sharing extensive knowledge from all the branches related to the practice of periodontology with our clinicians and colleagues. The patient section provides general information on periodontal disease and various ways a clinician might treat this condition. There are also self-help videos – showing the best way to look after your periodontal health. In the professional section, we share new/interesting findings and research outcomes that have been published over time. We also have links to videos and articles that professionals may find useful. Continuing professional education is one of the main reasons why PwD was formed. We aim to share the knowledge and skills from leaders in the field to you – passionate professionals. We will be running courses on various topics related to periodontology and we will do our best to bring it to you at very reasonable costs.

We aim to attract and deliver the best speakers in the field and courses will have very specific aims and learning outcomes. These will most likely be directed towards one of the dental team rather than the whole team as our scope of practice and skill set vary greatly.

We will always announce our courses here on the website first. We won’t announce or take any external bookings on the first week of announcement. So if you subscribe to our emails, you will have first chance to book (at the exclusive early rate). So do subscribe and book before courses get sold out! And of course, get the best price too!

Our Approach