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Upcoming Events and Venues

Southampton (SO16 3RB)

12th Jan to 14th Jan, 2018

West Park Hotel (HG1 1BJ)

26th Jan to 28th Jan, 2018

London (NW3 4QP)

9th Feb to 11th Feb, 2018

Plymouth (PL4 0AZ)

23rd Mar to 25th Mar, 2018

West London (Boston Manor) (W7 2HJ)

13th Apr to 15th Apr, 2018

Liverpool (WA4 5LR)

27th Apr to 29th Apr, 2018

Cambridge (CB23 8EU)

1st Jun to 3rd Jun, 2018

Bristol (BS30 5RL)

6th Jul to 8th Jul, 2018

Stevenage (SG1 2FP)

3rd Aug to 5th Aug, 2018

Sheffield (S4 7YE)

14th Sep to 16th Sep, 2018

London (West) (W6 0QU)

12th Oct to 14th Oct, 2018

Leicester (LE3 3LW)

16th Nov to 18th Nov, 2018

Southampton (SO16 3RB)

25th Jan to 27th Jan, 2019

Exeter (EX1 2DB)

4th Feb to 6th Feb, 2019

East London (E1 2BP)

1st Mar to 3rd Mar, 2019

Manchester (M5 3AW)

15th Mar to 17th Mar, 2019

Bristol 2019 (BS30 5RL)

10th May to 12th May, 2019

East London (E1 2BP)

31st May to 2nd Jun, 2019

Dundee 2019

14th Jun to 16th Jun, 2019

Bracknell (RG12 8PE)

5th Jul to 7th Jul, 2019

Stevenage (SG1 2FP)

16th Aug to 18th Aug, 2019

Leeds (LS25 1LH)

13th Sep to 15th Sep, 2019

West London (HA4 0HG)

15th Nov to 17th Nov, 2019

London (HA4 6JB)

17th Jul to 19th Jul, 2020

Plymouth (PL4 0AZ)

7th Aug to 9th Aug, 2020

Chelmsford (CM1 1PP)

2nd Oct to 4th Oct, 2020

Stevenage (SG1 2FP)

20th Nov to 22nd Nov, 2020

Plymouth (PL4 0AZ)

11th Jun to 13th Jun, 2021

London (HA4 6JB)

2nd Jul to 4th Jul, 2021

London (HA4 6JB)

4th Mar to 6th Mar, 2022

Manchester (M5 3AW)

20th May to 22nd May, 2022

Salisbury (SP1 2SD)

15th Jul to 23rd Jul, 2022

London (HA4 6JB)

9th Sep to 11th Sep, 2022

Cambridge (CB23 8EU)

11th Nov to 13th Nov, 2022

London (HA4 6JB)

27th Jan to 29th Jan, 2023

Manchester (M5 3AW)

3rd Mar to 5th Mar, 2023

London (HA4 6JB)

12th May to 14th May, 2023

Exeter (EX1 2DB)

9th Jun to 11th Jun, 2023

Edinburgh (EH1 3AF)

14th Jul to 16th Jul, 2023

Skipton (BD23 2TA)

15th Sep to 17th Sep, 2023

London (UB3 1LP)

24th Nov to 26th Nov, 2023

London (UB3 1LP)

19th Jan to 21st Jan, 2024

Southampton 2024

2nd Feb to 7th Feb, 2024

Radison Blu Cardiff, 2024

8th Mar to 10th Mar, 2024

London (UB3 1LP)

19th Apr to 21st Apr, 2024

Holiday Inn, Brimingham 2024

10th May to 12th May, 2024

London (UB3 1LP)1 Seats Remaining

19th Jul to 21st Jul, 2024

Mercure Hotel, Norwich 2024Sold out

13th Sep to 15th Sep, 2024

Double tree by Hilton, Newcastle, 2024

15th Nov to 17th Nov, 2024

Mr Deepak Simkhada Profile

London (HA4 6JB)

12th Dec to 16th Dec, 2022

London (HA4 6JB)

20th Feb to 24th Feb, 2023

London (HA4 6JB)

4th Sep to 8th Sep, 2023

London (UB3 1LP)

18th Mar to 22nd Mar, 2024

London (UB3 1LP)

23rd Oct to 27th Oct, 2024

Deepak Simkhada & Mohsin Ali Mughal Profile

London (HA4 6JB)

25th Sep to 25th Sep, 2021

London (HA4 6JB)

4th Dec to 4th Dec, 2021

London (HA4 6JB)

24th Sep to 24th Sep, 2022

London (HA4 6JB)

17th Dec to 17th Dec, 2022

London (HA4 6JB)

2nd Jul to 2nd Jul, 2023

London (UB3 1LP)

5th Nov to 5th Nov, 2023

London (UB3 1LP)

25th Feb to 25th Feb, 2024

London (UB3 1LP)

26th May to 26th May, 2024

London (UB3 1LP)

8th Sep to 8th Sep, 2024

Deepak Simkhada Profile

Online Event

22nd Aug to 22nd Aug, 2021

Online Event

6th Feb to 6th Feb, 2022

Online Event

24th Jul to 24th Jul, 2022

Online Event

15th Jan to 15th Jan, 2023

Online Event

9th Jul to 9th Jul, 2023

Online Event

14th Apr to 14th Apr, 2024

Online Event

20th Oct to 20th Oct, 2024

Past Delegate Testimonials

lectures by some of the big hitters in perio over the years….

I’ve been very fortunate to attend lectures by some of the big hitters in perio over the years, and so I’m ashamed to admit, I wondered what I could learn… Read more “lectures by some of the big hitters in perio over the years….”

9th-11th June 2023

Amazing course as always

Amazing course as always on ‘Assessment, diagnosis and record keeping’ with Bev and Deepak. Up to date, very informative and engaging throughout the course!


Excellent course amd brilliant speaker.

Excellent course amd brilliant speaker. Very knowledgeable and answers all the queries . Would highly recommend the course.

15 th May 22

A fab course packed with much useful and relevant information

I attended ‘Assessment, diagnosis and record-keeping with PwD. A fab course packed with much useful and relevant information. Lots of cases and radiographs to back up the course content. Handy… Read more “A fab course packed with much useful and relevant information”

Lucy Murray

Another excellent informative course.

Another excellent informative course.

Tonia Tyreman

Excellent course, clear concise information

Excellent course, clear concise information which is explained thoroughly. Really helped me to understand the S3 guidelines and reinforced the need for excellent record keeping. Thank you again ☺️

15th May 2022

Good Perio assessment and diagnosis course

It’s good Perio assessment and diagnosis course. Record keeping. Highly recommend and looking forward to next.

Swati Mehrotra
15th May 2022

Very good course, interesting and

Very good course, interesting and very helpful. Thank you Deepak.


I attended the masterclass, it

I attended the masterclass, it was the best course I have ever attended. very well structured, and covered every scenario we face in clinical situations. Deepak is an excellent teacher,… Read more “I attended the masterclass, it”

4TH MARCH, 2022

Fantastic course. Highly recommending.

Fantastic course. Highly recommending.

March 2022

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Welcome to Perio With Deepak

Perio with Deepak (PwD) is all about providing the best periodontal care to our patients and learning as well as sharing extensive knowledge from all the branches related to the practice of Periodontology with our fellow clinicians and colleagues. We aim to share the knowledge and skills from leaders in the field to you – passionate professionals. We will be running courses on various topics related to periodontology and we will do our best to bring it to you at very reasonable costs.

We aim to attract and deliver the best speakers in the field and courses will have very specific aims and learning outcomes. These will most likely be directed towards one of the dental team rather than the whole team as our scope of practice and skill set vary greatly.

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