Past Delegate Testimonials

Back to practice…

I attended Deepak back to practise course. It was like a journey. Basic concepts were cleared very precisely. Practical sessions were delivered keeping in mind the clinical skills which are beneficial to practise in UK. It’s worth doing the course, meeting other professionals and refreshing skills and basic knowledge is so much enhanced. I feel… Read more “Back to practice…”


Back to Practice course on November

Attended Perio with Deepak’s Back to Practice course on November. Especially suitable for who has been out of work for a long time or who are not familiar with UK rules and regulations. Great course, especially enjoyed practical part. Thank you to Deepak and the whole team.


Deepak’s course was excellent …

Deepak’s course was excellent and inclusive of all valuable and practical information.It has helped me to formulate better treatment plans for the patients and thought me being hygienist is not all scale and polish after all.I would reccomend anyone to attend the course and applauds to the charity he does ! Kudos Deepak !


This course has boost my confidence

This course has boost my confidence in the quality of patient care I am to deliver and helped me to understand how to provide the highest standard treatment.


Would urge everyone to attend

Would urge everyone to attend this course! Deepak is a great teacher, learnt so much. Thank you!


Same speaker for three whole days!

I attended Deepak’s master class, i must say the course was an eye opener. This is the first time I listened to the same speaker for Three whole days. Deepak is very engaging and funny. Not for a moment it was boring.


Phase one – Non-surgical Peridontal Therapy – What Is Stopping You From Getting That Good Result?

Phase two – Treating And Maintaining Periodontal Disease – Complete Instrumentation Hands-on Course

Masterclass in Periodontal Disease (phase 1/2/3)

Perio Implant Fusion with Dr Amit Patel (Specialist in Periodontics ) & Mr Deepak Simkhada

Medical Problems in Dentistry with Prof. StJohn Crean

Periodontal Maintenance