Past Delegate Testimonials

I can not recommend this course highly enough. Deepak’s enthusiasm is infectious. I learnt so much, the course is very thorough and all topics covered were completely relevant to our daily work practice. I had fallen into bad working habits but I now feel so motivated to implement best practice. Thank you so much Deepak!

Esti Mayans

So I just finished something I never thought I would ever do. I went on a three day perio course. On a week-end. And on my birthday weekend! ?And in a massive storm! ?
I actually thought these kind of things were for nerdy nerd hygienists and people who were just so fantastic at… Read more “Course on my birthday weekend! Rolled my eyes and thought -yeah right!”


A massive thank you for creating just the course that I was looking for and needed at this point in my career!


Master class was really a master class with master Deepak .He is great with so much of informative knowledge.I want to be like Deepak


Great course as like always.

Aniko Nagy

The speaker is very knowledgeable and the course is very informative. In nowadays litigated world that dentist work,it is important to protect yourself and deliver all the necessary information to the patients.
This course is unique as it teches practical skills combined with all necessary paperwork (consent forms,printed lectures and all supportive literature) to… Read more “The speaker is very knowledgeable”


Phase one – Non-surgical Peridontal Therapy – What Is Stopping You From Getting That Good Result?

Phase two – Treating And Maintaining Periodontal Disease – Complete Instrumentation Hands-on Course

Masterclass in Periodontal Disease (phase 1/2/3)

Perio Implant Fusion with Dr Amit Patel (Specialist in Periodontics ) & Mr Deepak Simkhada

Medical Problems in Dentistry with Prof. StJohn Crean

Periodontal Maintenance