The speaker is very knowledgeable and the course is very informative. In nowadays litigated world that dentist work,it is important to protect yourself and deliver all the necessary information to the patients.
This course is unique as it teches practical skills combined with all necessary paperwork (consent forms,printed lectures and all supportive literature) to treat patients with knowledge,confidence,reduced risk of complaints.
The price is very reasonable for 3 days hands on.
Deepak is passionate about delivering the best possible care to the patient and loves what he is doing.
He shaire all this knowledge and practical skills with such an ease and motivation that you can go on all his courses and be not bored.
I have already booked the course in June 2020.
The small group alloved us to have discussions and learn very quickly.
More speakers like Deepak will motivate people do more in life , be confident and happy.
Enjoyed the course a lot.
Well done!