I did this course in August.
Today I earned in one extra 4.5hr session (I don’t usually Work Fridays) more than I paid for this course! This month has been my highest paid month ever since I qualified in 2002 and I only work part time when I used to work full time.
A few things to note
1. Before Deepaks course I would not have had any interest in booking an extra session (yawn)
2. I only booked the course because after 15 years qualified I thought I should make sure ‘it looked like I was up to date on perio’ (yawn!!) plus it was the beginning of the new CPD cycle so win win!
I was so surprised I loved the course and would do it again in an instant
3. I would never in a million years thought I could earn in one session more than I used to earn in a day.
4. I loved doing it and love my job again.
5. My patients were grateful for my help and happy to pay for my skill
So Deepak thank you ?? I am truly grateful I have my buzz back.
Rachel Leigh , Nov 2019 ( did masterclass in Aug 2018)