So I just finished something I never thought I would ever do. I went on a three day perio course. On a week-end. And on my birthday weekend! ?And in a massive storm! ?
I actually thought these kind of things were for nerdy nerd hygienists and people who were just so fantastic at all things perio that they trot off for three day mini breaks to yip yap about more perio and how great they all are. ?
I always thought that I’d rather eat cold cat sick than go to something like that!! ?
Well let me tell you, I’ve never been so far at the wrong end of a stick!
Firstly, after approximately 15 minutes, I realised we were all very similar with our worries, lack of confidence and all had the same questions and difficulties. It was a relief.
The course leader, Deepak Simkhada, was someone I’d never met but had heard about and read posts from. Friends of mine have raved about him and I had, up til now, rolled my eyes and thought -yeah right, who does this clown think he’s kidding with all this “trying to make out being a hygienist is great” malarky?
I can tell you this guy knows his shit! Massively!
Not just in a -Hey ladies(and gent), I know my shit just take my word for it kinda way but in a -I know my shit, I can back it up and prove my shit, research has been done on my shit and my shit works and I can prove that too kinda way. ?
Every single thing he talked about was interesting. It was relevant. It was current. It answered a hundred questions. It gave confidence. It gave motivation. It clarified many things I have been baffled with for 12 years. Reassured me I was doing things right and jolted me awake to many things that I do wrong and need to change.
The biggest part was the massive kick up the arse at the end to press the point that change will only happen if we start the ball rolling ourselves and make sure we are the best and show we are the best, have the confidence we should have in our scope of skills and not sell ourselves short just because it’s how it’s always been done.
I thoroughly enjoyed all three days and learnt so much. Deepak, you are a fabulous, kind and caring gentleman. Your approach to teaching is clear, simple and to the point but not with any bragging or superiority. Pure class. You have shared so much this weekend and I found every minute packed with useful help and support. Thank you very much.
If anyone on here is lost in this profession and feels they have lost their way or need to find that feeling of positivity again then this course will tick all the boxes. You won’t regret booking yourself on. ?