Course description:

This is the course to make Dental Photography enjoyable and straightforward. The focus is to learn, how to set up and use your equipment (with or without a nurse) to produce high-quality clinical photographs. 

This course will have a minimum theory of (20%) and more hands-on component. The speaker will help you customise your equipment. The main aim of this interactive workshop is to simplify the workflow so that you can take photos the next day after attending the course. We will also show you how to use clinical photographs to co-diagnose with the patient so that you can draw on the photo and then email a copy to the patient efficiently. 

Any clinician coming into contact with a patient will benefit from it as well as treatment coordinators. 


To enable the clinician to effectively use clinical photography and standardise methodology in recording and documentation 


The speaker will:

Impart simplified workflows using a DSLR camera and accessories for daily use in practice and make it less of a chore in taking good quality photographs.

Anticipated Learning Outcomes:

Following the session, the delegates will be able to:

  1. Consistently take repeatable clinical Intraoral photographs 
  2. Ensure photography is of good enough quality to print and publish 
  3. Use clinical photography for consent and record-keeping 
  4. Use clinical photography for diagnosis, treatment plan, monitor and referral 
  5. As a tool for self-improvement 
  6. Marketing and portfolio 

Maximum benefit from the workshop will be achieved if one has their equipment (DSLR, macro lens and ring flash). However, any camera can be used for clinical photography if purely for record purposes; we will touch on other imaging techniques for average camera clinical photography. 

Higher Learning Outcomes – A, B, C or/and D (please specify) 

CPD – 3.5 hours Enhanced CPD

Date – 4th July 2020

Time – 8:30 – 12:30 pm (registration opens at 8:30 am) 

Cost – £120 (inc VAT, includes reading materials & refreshments)

Speaker – Dr R N Nath

Who is the course aimed at: Dental Nurse, Hygienist, Therapist and Dentist

Program structure 

  1.   Discuss the need for accurate recording and documentation 
  2.   Legal aspects of clinical photography
  3.   Customising settings on a DSLR and accessories for consistent and repeatable photography
  4.   Interactive assessment of sample images and discuss technical issues of taking clinical photographs
  5.   Recommendation of suitable accessories for the DSLR to enable clinical photography

Please bring the following equipment (if you have them):

  1. DSLR 
  2. C- shape cheek retractors 
  3. Lip retractor Y-shape 
  4. Medium and large intraoral mirrors 
  5. Buccal space mirror
  6. Macro lens 
  7. Ring flash

Speaker Profile

Dr R N Nath is a practising Endodontist in the Republic of Ireland with over 20 years’ experience as a Dentist and 16 years as an Endodontist enjoying most of his time under the operating microscope! 

He’s got his Post Graduate degree from the University of Leeds in 1999 and holds Fellowships of both the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Ireland. He has been using various local anaesthetic techniques and advanced intraosseous local anaesthetic administration for the last 15 years, and the intraosseous technique predominantly manages his endo practice. He has a wealth of knowledge, presents and teaches all around the world on topics of Endodontics, Intraosseous anaesthesia, Digital Dentistry, Dental Photography, Intra Oral Scanning, In house 3D printing and Cone Beam CT scanning. 

Dr Nath takes clinical photographs and videos routinely in his clinical practice as well as teaches Clinical Dental Photography in his two-day workshops. Landscape photography is his passion outside dentistry, and he has got several awards and recognitions to add to his repertoire- for landscape and travel photography, most recently from the Tourist Boards of Slovenia and Ireland. 

Dr Nath teaches Dental Photography for us.


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