Back to Practice - Route to becoming A Star Dental Hygienist!

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London (HA4 6JB)

16th Jul to 20th Jul, 2020

Stevenage (SG1 2FP)

1st Sep to 5th Sep, 2020

London (HA4 6JB)

13th Oct to 17th Oct, 2020

London (HA4 6JB)

2nd Nov to 6th Nov, 2020

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14th Dec to 18th Dec, 2020

London (HA4 6JB)

22nd Feb to 26th Feb, 2021

Course Description: A Star Is Born! Back To Practice – Route To Becoming A Star Dental Hygienist! 

Been out of the game for far too long? Or not sure why you are not getting that A* feeling? Or feel like you do not know enough about UK Dental Hygiene Work? If yes, this course could be just the thing you are looking for! 

 If you have been out of work or not familiar with how dental hygienists work in modern dental team settings, this is the course for you! This 6 week-long programmes covers a wide range of topics from clinical aptitude, diagnosis and referral pathways to GDC Standards and professionalism. Yes, you heard this right, it’s not just about scale, polish and Perio, it is the full package with a cherry on top! In this course, we aim to put all pieces of the hygiene world together and show you ways on how you can make it work for you! There are modules on looking for a job, writing effective CVs, creating your clinical portfolio and digital footprint to comprehensive hands-on practical elements during residential week. 

 This course will have 3 distinct phases. 

Phase one will be self-directed learning to understand the basic science and evidence of the complex disease process and its management in clinical settings. There will also be a significant non-clinical aspect which is imperative to understand how UK dentistry operates, how to work as a part of the team and appreciate each team members’ scope of practice.

Phase two will work on various online content to bring you up to date with current clinical practice as well as other topics such as cross-infection control, radiology, data protection, working with vulnerable groups etc.

Phase three of the course will be a week-long residential section where you will be assessed on everything you have learnt so far.  There will be mixture of workshops, group work, task based learning and hands-on practical sessions to learn and master the skills required to practice as a star hygienist!  

What do we cover in these 5 days ?

Day 1 – How should you work in general dental practice? Will cover everything you need to know from rules/regulations/guidelines/computer system/ setting up your room/ health & safety/ decon/ sterilasation / covid protocols etc.

Day 2 – Periodontal diagnosis, new perio classification, treatment planning, record keeping, referrals, medico-legal issues, GDC cases, case studies etc.

Day 3 – Hands on ultrasonic, air polish, hand instrumentation day. Implement protocol learned on day 2. Understand GBT protocols, similarities & differences between two. Everyone will have 1 station each on this day. 

Day 4 – How to implement all you have learned so far in the practice , perio maintenance, implant maintenance, practice protocols, direct access protocol,  how to work effectively, discuss pay rates, working as employed vs self-employed vs Ltd company, how to register as self-employed, CV writing, creating digital footprint, how to face an interview, better income strategies etc

Day 5 – advance hand instrumentation – hands on session again. any questions/doubts you have, role play, selling/signing up treatments. how to be a star hygienist!

And many more!! 

By the time you finish this course, you will be familiar with and understand the relevance of  UK rules and regulations that impacts you as a working dental hygienist, clinical guidelines that cover your SOP as dental hygienist ( assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning), how to practice safe, profitable yet ethical dentistry. We will also assist you to create your PDP, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, help you with writing CVs, creating your clinical portfolio and working on a digital footprint to help you find that dream job and how to prepare for the interview! We will also delve into the differences of being employed, self-employed or having a limited company and what that means to your financial situation. 

Your course will be led by team of star dental hygienist therapists as well as non-clinical subject matter experts on their field.

Summary about Back to Practice – Route to becoming A Star Dental Hygienist! 

CPD – 200 hours Enhanced CPD 

Time – Residential Week, Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm (west london) 

 Online/Offline work to be carried out in your own time, there will be some online lessons/webinars, timetable of which will be shared with you during registration 

Cost – £1250+ VAT   (includes reading materials, unlimited after course on-line support for next 6 months)

Speaker – Mr Deepak Simkhada and team (please check our speakers section) 

Who is course aimed at: Qualified Hygienist, Therapist and Dentists, specially suitable for someone who has been “out of work” for a long period of time or has not got any exposure to UK dentistry in the past (overseas qualified clinicians). 

Please note:

All of our courses are fully independent and unbiased. However, courses are supported by various dental companies and supplies. It will enable us to bring better courses in reasonable cost. There might be representatives from various company on our course day so you get opportunity to try and discuss products you might like.

 Our current sponsors are NSK UK, Swallow Dental (PDT Hand Instruments), On-Point Financial ,Vision Perio Brushes & Boutique Whitening. There might be additional sponsors for certain courses which will be updated on relevant course booking page.

“Back to Practice” Course Tutors

Deepak Simkhada, BSc Oral Health (UK), MSc Advance Periodontal Practice (UK), PGCE (UK), Dental Hygienist/Therapist (UK), Visiting Lecturer – Kantipur Dental College/Hospital, Nepal

Deepak qualified from the University of Dundee (2007) with a BSc in Oral Health. Later on, Deepak completed MSc in Advanced Periodontal Practice from the University of Essex (2018) and Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from Greenwich University (2020). He has a special interest in managing advance periodontal problems in primary care settings through non- surgical periodontal treatments.

Deepak’s lectures are very comprehensive, hands-on, evidence-based and he ensures he creates open-style, fun and interactive learning environment for his delegates. He has been described as “motivational and engaging speaker”. He frequently writes for dental journals and lectures at dental events on these topics nationally and internationally. Annually he organises volunteering trip to Nepal to promote oral and general health and to provide pain relief as well as general dental treatments.

Currently, Deepak practices as dental hygienist therapist two days per week in general dental practice and runs courses on various aspects of periodontology. He enjoys travelling in his free time.


Cat Edney, BSc Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy (UK), Dental Hygienist/Therapist (UK)

Dental Hygienist and Therapist Cat Edney qualified from King’s College Dental Hospital in 2008 with a distinction in the dual qualification of Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy. She has over ten years of experience working in specialist private practice. She has a passion for Soft skills training and multidisciplinary team working in the Dental Setting. With a focus on providing personalised care for patients, she takes a holistic approach to dental disease prevention. Cat is also a Fit-Testing Team lead working with PHE and in private settings, providing training in RPE use and maintenance. She also writes for multiple dental publications in addition to supporting newly qualified dental Hygienists in mentorship programmes.

Mohsin Ali Mughal, Dip Den Hyg (RCSEd), BSc (Hons) Dental Studies (UCLAN), MSc Advanced Periodontal Practice (UK)

Mohsin trained as a Dental Hygienist at the Military School of Dental Hygiene, Aldershot and was awarded Diploma in Dental Hygiene from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh in 2012. Mohsin has served for 14 years in the Royal Army Dental Corps. He experienced various roles in the Army such as Dental Management, Dental Hygienist, member of the Dental Software testing team, Diversity Army Recruitment, Community Engagement and other Military projects. He has undertaken the additional qualification of a BSc (Hons) degree in Dental Studies, which has deepened his knowledge in the treatment of patients with periodontal disease. Later on, Mohsin completed MSc in Advanced Periodontal Practice at the University of Essex (2019). He is also involved in teaching and mentoring adaptation dental hygiene student at the University of Essex. Mohsin is the winner of the Clinical Case Poster Presentation at the British Society of Periodontology Conference 2019.

Robiha Nazir, RDH Dip Den Hyg (Newc), MHFA, Mentor/Coach

Robiha qualified as a Dental Hygienist in 2004 from the University of Newcastle. She has since then worked in the private sector homing in on her skillset. Robiha has spent time learning how to build great patient rapport, enhance her communication skills to bring about behaviour change and reform mindsets.

Through her career, she has been put forward for awards and ended up being shortlisted as ‘Hygienist of the Year 2012’, ‘Best Hygienist 2014’ and for ‘Best Treatment of Nervous Patients 2014’. She was also nominated for ‘Best Hygienist 2015’ and ‘Best Patient Care 2015’.

Robiha has had the opportunity to work with some of the best brands on the market, her role has involved market research, educating the public, developing and marketing products such as Wrigleys, Colgate, Listerine, Oral B and Regenerate.

With a plethora of experience and knowledge, she is better placed to offer mentoring and coaching to complement her clinical days. More recently she has been trained and taken on the role of fit testing to ensure the best environment, suitable and compatible RPE is being provided for our Dental Professionals.

Manjit Sandhu, RDH Dip DH (Cork), MSc in Advanced Periodontal Practice (UK)

Manjit has worked in the dental profession for over 24 years and has gained various qualifications throughout her time working in the profession. Manjit qualified with Honours as a Dental Hygienist from University College Cork (Rep. of Ireland) in 2004 and was awarded the Castellini Award for the highest clinical skillset in her year. She has also been selected as a finalist for the “Dental Awards 2020” for the category ‘Dental Hygienist of the Year’.

She has taken a particular interest in solving periodontal problems through non-surgical periodontal therapy and completed an MSc in Advanced Periodontal Practice from The University of Essex in 2018. She is passionate about her profession and is continuously building on her knowledge and skillset.

In recent years, Manjit has undergone advanced training in treating periodontal disease through the use of Laser technology. She has attended and completed various training courses in Laser Periodontal Therapy taught by the UK’s leading Dental Laser therapy tutors. Her compassionate approach to patient care and motivating team members reflect her beliefs and passion for the profession.

Niloji Manokaran, RDH BSc DH (UK)

Niloji qualified from the University of Portsmouth in 2014, where I achieved a First-Class Honours degree in Dental Hygiene and Therapy. Currently Niloji works in mixed practices where she manages 70% of periodontal cases in-house. Niloji has worked with many types of patients with various diseases as well as physically and mentally challenged patients. 

Niloji’s passion lies in educating and motivating patients on the importance of good oral hygiene and treating periodontal disease. After I graduated, Niloji worked with Deepak in a same practice together developing  and implementing periodontal protocol that would suit general dental practice in the UK.  This helped Niloji strengthened her knowledge and understanding of the periodontal disease and it’s management in general dental practice, with a better focus on diagnosis, treatment planning, educating patients on oral hygiene and treatment of patients with periodontal disease.

Niloji also participated in Oral care for Developing Countries (Nepal) Project in 2019, run at Takutot (Gorkha, Nepal) to promote oral health, and to provide restorative and preventative dentistry.

Avi Koirala, BSc (Cyprus), MSc (UK)

Avi underwent undergraduate studies in Cyprus and postgraduate education in Scotland at the University of the Highlands and Islands. Until a few years ago, Avi worked as a Global Digital Marketing Manager for a large multi-national corporate where his primary role focussed around providing training and upskilling local marketing teams throughout the world.  

Avi teaches lessons equipping you with the skills needed while applying for jobs, preparing and facing interviews and boosting your digital presence. He will help you to explore your career options to establish what next and put together a career action plan.

Avi has keen interest in cultures, food & languages and travelled to 43 countries having lived in 8.

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