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Master class – 21 August 2017

So happy to see so many enthusiasts for Perio there! If the job your doing is getting monotonous and you thinking you could be happier doing something else or just need to refresh I think this course would light your fire again.

Maggie Jackson

Master class – Maggie 2017

lovely very informative 3 days. Met some lovely hygienist therapist too. Can’t believe its all over. Fingers itching now, can’t wait to go back to work with all this new knowledge and motivation. Would highly recommend the course. Thank you Deepak.

Noor May

Phase 1

Evidence-based discussion on oral hygiene aids, discussion on inflammation and granulation tissue, patient notes, the videos on inflammation and GDC case presentation on misconduct were all valuable

Helen Metcalf – 11th July 2015

Phase 1

Thank you Deepak for the brillaint course yesterday. As a practice manager I gained so much knowledge for helping my therapist promote her services. Presentation of the perio packages you provide including treatment planning, communication with the paitent and length of appointments was helpful.

Sharon Evans – 9th May 2015 - Birmingham

Phase 1

Dear Deepak, thank you ever so much for a truly motivational and inspiring perio course. Well-presented and very engaging. Was great to get so much detailed information on how to put theory into practice. It’s a must do course and I will be looking forward to do other courses with you in the future. HIGHLY… Read more “Phase 1”

Iben Rohde-Jensen – London – 17th January 2015

Phase 1

Really in depth assessment and treatment process information, how to refer as have never learnt about this – now know how to increase the chances of successful referral. Overall very entertaining and engaging even though high volume of information

Ruby Kang – Birmingham – 9th May 2015

Phase 2

I enjoyed phase 2 perio course in Nuneaton with Deepak Simkhada. I must say it was really good venue . Deepak as speaker was excellent as always. Covering all information about perio , treatment plan , communication , equipment, hand on techniques and air abrasion . Course was very informative with lots of hand on… Read more “Phase 2”

Nimisha Pinky Patel - Nuneaton – 16th April 2016

Phase 2

An Excellent Course Hosted By Deepak Simkhada . Great Venue and Refreshments .Excellent Teaching , Looking forward to putting theory to practice and implementing techniques to improve patient perio treatment as a Hygienist. Looking forward to your next course in Edinburgh . Highly recommend Deepak

Chris Forrest – 7th May 2016

Phase 2

It was really great to attend a perio course that was full of tips, and upto date info relative to our own experiences as hygienists from a great speaker who made it a fun day as well. great location in terms of facilities and great that it was supported by ADEC and Oral B as… Read more “Phase 2”

Lorraine Staley - Nuneaton – 16th April 2016

Phase 2

Hands on with the egg how to implement the different kinds of piezo scalers and how to actually use the unit and how to adapt hand scalers sub-gingivally effectively around sub-gingival pockets was really valuable. The course was very enjoyable event and information, and it will enable me to implement this into practice

Vanessa Farrell – Manchester – 12th November 2015

Master class

..great informative, interesting and interactive day. It is fabulous that you teach based on thorough detailed research-evidence based dentistry always!! But also you enrich all content with your own professional experiences- these is all priceless!..!

Marcia Wesley Silva-Williams

London – 19th – 21st August 2016

It was informative, extremely well delivered whilst thoroughly enjoyable. This man is so passionate about dentistry and has clearly put every effort into this course. I was refreshed, brought up to speed, reminded of research and publications long forgot, re-educated greatly comforted that I’m not far off the mark. It doesn’t matter if you are… Read more “London – 19th – 21st August 2016”

Sam Davidson

Master class

To think….. just a few weeks ago I was contemplating leaving dentistry altogether…… And now after just 3 days spent with Deepak Simkhada and a group of wonderful hygienists on his first perio masterclass, I am feeling totally refreshed, motivated….

Lucy Burton

Medical Problems in Dentistry

One of the best courses I’ve been on in 20 years in dentistry. Many thanks Deepak Simkhada and the speaker Prof Crean

Janette Murphy

Medical Problems in Dentistry

Just attended Medical Problems in Dentistry course organised by Deepak Simkhada and the speaker Professor StJohn Crean was excellent, so knowledgeable and funny too which always helps with such a complex subject

Michelle Coles

Medical Problems in Dentistry

Amazing learning day Deepak Simkhada, giving us extremely valuable info for better caring for our patients. I cannot wait for a 2-3 day course in this subject. Congratulations for the initiative!!

Marcia Wesley Silva-williams

Medical Problems in Dentistry

Deepak Simkhada does it again! Amazing Medical course taken by Professor Crean, the man had a brain the size of a planet and a delivery method to totally engage you. Not one nodding head after lunch. Off to stick my head into the Internet as disgusted at myself for what I’ve forgotten and even more… Read more “Medical Problems in Dentistry”

Sam Davidson

Masterclass in Perio

Perio with Deepak’ course this weekend in London. It was very thought provoking, quite challenging at times yet very motivational, just what was needed for someone like me, who has been qualified over 20 years

Mrs Valley 6th Aug 2017

Masterclass in Perio

Whether you’re newly qualified or been practicing for some time, Master Class in periodontal disease with Deepak Simkhada is the course to attend! Just spent the last 3 days on a Deepak’s course, which exceeded my expectations. From the delivery and the quality of the material, organisation, equipment provided during the course, knowledge, amazing team,… Read more “Masterclass in Perio”

Mrs Jay 6th Aug 2017

Masterclass in Perio

One of the most comprehensive, informative hands on courses I’ve ever participated in. I’ve learned more about electronic and manual instrumentation in one day then I ever learned in 2 years at dental school…….This is a must course for those hygienist and therapists that genuinely care and want to do the best job they can… Read more “Masterclass in Perio”

Mrs Staines 5th Aug 2017 London

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