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This course has boost my confidence

This course has boost my confidence in the quality of patient care I am to deliver and helped me to understand how to provide the highest standard treatment.


Deepak’s course was excellent …

Deepak’s course was excellent and inclusive of all valuable and practical information.It has helped me to formulate better treatment plans for the patients and thought me being hygienist is not all scale and polish after all.I would reccomend anyone to attend the course and applauds to the charity he does ! Kudos Deepak !


Back to Practice course on November

Attended Perio with Deepak’s Back to Practice course on November. Especially suitable for who has been out of work for a long time or who are not familiar with UK rules and regulations. Great course, especially enjoyed practical part. Thank you to Deepak and the whole team.

2-4 November

Fantastic course, covered everything perio.

Fantastic course, covered everything perio. Loved the practical element, especially being reunited with the ultrasonic! Excellent speakers with a seemingly endless knowledge and a sense of humour!

Jo Loram

so glad that I signed up..

Excellent course, left feeling very motivated and excited about my career. I found a lot of the course to be revision but it highlighted the areas that I need to change in my clinical practice and I’m now looking forward to making these changes. The delivery of the information was great, very easy to understand.… Read more “so glad that I signed up..”

Shannon Stevenson
2nd October

the course is excellent….

I attended Perio with Deepak’s Back to Practice course and I must say, the course is excellent. I have learnt more than I think and I am excited to get back to practice. The course is very well organised and covers everything that a newly registered member needs to know. Thank you so much Deepak… Read more “the course is excellent….”

Sharmila Thorat
1 - 5 September 2020

Great course, very informative, good

Great course, very informative, good to put new protocols in place & start working differently & more efficiently. Thank you

October 2020

Not a stone left unturned….

An excellent 3 days! Day 1 covered perio disease itself, ohi, wound healing and for me, the most important part – treatment planning and consent. This was covered in great detail and I found it very beneficial. Record keeping was covered too, we went over everything we could think of. Day 2 was my favourite… Read more “Not a stone left unturned….”

Jenny Drury
2nd October 2020

Very informative course …

Very informative course with great suggestions on how to implement new and improved ways of working into your practices to get the best results possible.

Jessica Clarke
2-4 October 2020

Brilliantly executed “Back to Practice”course.

Brilliantly executed “Back to Practice”course. Loaded with all the information needed for overseas dentist to work and be A star hygienist in the UK. Every minute of the course was engrossing. Deepak has immense clinical knowledge and experience which he shares with a pinch of humor and wit which makes it all the more interesting.… Read more “Brilliantly executed “Back to Practice”course.”

13-17 October
Ruislip London

” Back to Practice” course..

I just finished the” Back to Practice” course. A good mixture of practical and theory with enough time to discuss issues. The course provides an extremely useful information that will help me on my day to day practice. Deepak was a great speaker, very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended! 🙂

13-17 October 2020

Thank you so much indeed

Thank you so much indeed Deepak Cat and Mohsin for your support and knowledge, this course completely changed my mind set about scaling and polish. I would highly recommend this platform for those who wants to practice as a hygienist in Uk .thank a lot once again for whole back to practice team 👍

Sheelam chaudhary
13-17 Oct

beyond my expectations

I Just finished Back to practice course with Deepak , I can’t say how amazing this experience was, especially residential week was beyond my expectations . Absolutely recommend!

Mehrnoosh Baghai
13-17 October

Back to Practice course….

I attended Back to Practice course with Deepak and his fantastic team. 5 days are well tailored to anyone who’s looking to practice as a hygienist. Being an overseas Periodontist I highly recommend this course as it not only makes you more confident in entering practice but also prepares you very well clinically and improves… Read more “Back to Practice course….”

13-17 October

Brilliant rigorous course which clarifies

Brilliant rigorous course which clarifies clinical periodontology in everyday practice. Coupled with a great sense of humour. Definitely recommend. Thank you !

17th - 19 th July 2020

This three day masterclass in

This three day masterclass in perio with Deepak completely change my approach to the work of a hygienist… i want more… in future i want to be perio specialist thank you all team for your hard vwork

17-19 july

Master class was really a master class with master Deepak

Master class was really a master class with master Deepak .He is great with so much of informative knowledge.I want to be like Deepak

14-16 Feb 2020

a massive thank you ….

A massive thank you for creating just the course that I was looking for and needed at this point in my career!

14-16 Feb 2020

Course on my birthday weekend! Rolled my eyes and thought -yeah right!

So I just finished something I never thought I would ever do. I went on a three day perio course. On a week-end. And on my birthday weekend! ?And in a massive storm! ? I actually thought these kind of things were for nerdy nerd hygienists and people who were just so fantastic at all… Read more “Course on my birthday weekend! Rolled my eyes and thought -yeah right!”

14th February

Highly recommended!

I can not recommend this course highly enough. Deepak’s enthusiasm is infectious. I learnt so much, the course is very thorough and all topics covered were completely relevant to our daily work practice. I had fallen into bad working habits but I now feel so motivated to implement best practice. Thank you so much Deepak!

Esti Mayans
14-16 February 2020

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