Non-Surgical Peridontal Therapy – What is stopping you from getting that Good Result?
Treating and maintaining periodontal disease – complete instrumentation hands-on course
3 day course that covers all of the components of phase 1, 2 & 3
Understanding periodontal and peri-implant disease and its management

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Andrea Tangura

I would like to leave a review of a course I’ve attended this year.
It has been a while now since I have attended the 3 day Masteclass course run by Deepak Simkhada. I’ve decided to leave some time before writing a review to be able to assess the impact of this course medium/long term.
I would recommend this course to ANY clinician that would like to treat patients in general practice. Dental hygienists integrated all most members of the group when I attended. Despite the course obviously being run by a hygienist, I believe greatly that dentists should attend this course also as this is not only relevant to hygienists but I hope dentists that consider taking up new services of a hygienist, already existing practice owners and managers to attend with their hygienist in their team to specially Day 1 and Day 3. Many students have also attended particular days instead of the whole 3 days.
From the perspective of my personal impact as a clinician, I already apply some of the techniques and apply the knowledge imparted but I was very surprised to notice the gaps that this has filled and, on reflection; it has helped me to structure and has greatly help me to bridge between clinical practice, guidelines and evidence base practice. This course has connected all those 3 areas and nicely my treatment planning and patient communication has improved by 10 fold. So, I would strongly advice anyone regardless of the experience and knowledge to attend.
The format of the course is great. Participation is highly encouraged and you will meet new friends. The enthusiasm and encouragement is extremely contagious. I’ve met wonderful clinicians and it’s been great to learn from the different working styles that other participants do with the same principle behind.
This course is completely unbiased unlike many courses that I’ve attended as it discussed different uses of different equipment and brands of products in practice and also oral hygiene consumables for patients. It reflects also very good character on Deepak’s part to recommend and encourage attendees of the course to research and carry on going to other courses available in the industry.
The style and delivery encourages everyone taking part and I feel refreshed and even more motivated.
Thank you Deepak Simkhada for all your work and I hope you can carry on much further.

Andrea Tangura 26 Nov 2017

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